Thursday, February 4

Well it was weigh in today....87.8 a loss of .5 which I am happy with:)

I did a respite job today...a 3yr old girl who is prone to seizures...such a cute little thing...didn't seem like work at all - I am really loving this job!

Dad had his op today...the kidney stone was to big to take out so it got blasted...he has to go back in a few weeks to make sure he has passed them all....but some good news in the family -
            a phone call from my lil sis, who is living up in Townsville with the great news that she is expecting....this will be her first baby...I  am really missing her now that she is so far away....she is coming down in a few weeks...I can't wait!!

Water wasnt the best today...only about two glasses

Wednesday, February 3

starting afresh...

Thought it was about time I started blogging again...since in the past it has made me more accountable.
I have even started reading blogs again, it has been ages but I know it really helps keep me motivated reading about how everyone is doing.

So my weight as of today is 88.3
I have joined Pauline's biggest loser goal to be under 80 kilos, my little sister is getting married in oct this year and I would love to be able to wear something fabulous...I may even buy a dress...long time since I have done

I started a new job in January...being home at night to cook dinner has really helped...I am starting to get into a routine with cooking often...and not just grabbing something thats quick and easy:)

I know i really have to concentrate in getting my water thats my plan for this week:)

Sunday, February 17

We all respond to colour, and scientists have discovered that each colour sends a unique message to the brain which affects our moods in different ways.
Look at the following colours and think about how your own clothes and decor can enhance particular moods.

Red is physically stimulating.

Yellow is good for increasing optimism.

Orange increases security, wear it to lift your love life.

Green represents natural healing and balance

Wear PINK to attract some TLC (tender loving care)

Blue is good for when you want to appear cool.

Purple increases spiritual awareness.

So what colour are you wearing ?